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Below are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions. If you cant find the answer to a specific question please get in touch.



Due to a rebranding that has taken place in late 2020 when booking your event with Partyfield the legal company you'll be booking with is Moonacre Campsite LTD (13493103) trading as Moonacre Weddings, which is owned by Mr Ben Lacy & Mr Dominic Schrader. 

1. We have a 100 KW Three Phase mains power supply which is ample to power your event. The power charge covers reasonable usage for your event, and to monitor this we take meter readings before and after. If the consumption is excessive we will deduct the additional amount from the deposit at the standard supply rate. We have 32 KW of mains power available at the main marquee,  this can be increased if required, and we have an array of regular 13amp sockets, 32 amp and 16 amp sockets for you to plug into.

2. Alcohol, There is a bar in the marquee provided by Moonacre & Partyfield, we cannot allow third party drink suppliers on site. Only drinks purchased at the bar can be consumed in the marquee and surrounding areas, this excludes camping areas.

3.  We have public liability Insurance in place, and it is a condition of our policy that you have a steward to help man the gate to check guests are invited etc, patrol the car park and lock the perimeter gate at night etc. 

4.  There is a lovely pub called the Coventry Arms on the A31 that does good beer and great food, and a local convenience store that sells everything you may have forgotten or run out of 2 minutes drive away in Sturminster Marshall.

5.  In the event of not being able to book one of our recommended contacts to help you with your event, and you decide to source another provider please email us with their details and ask them to contact us prior to them arriving on. We recommend the people we do because they are reliable! We require a 10% commission from any business offering services at Partyfield. Please ask them to contact us prior to arriving on site.

6. Waste management : we provide 4, 1,100litre bins should you require more waste removal this can be arranged at cost. You will be responsible to take home any additional waste.

7. We insist everyone leaves their vehicles apart from essential crew and service vehicles in the parking area next to the main field. Please ask your guests to respect this policy as we try extremely hard to keep our site looking good for each and every event. We have a drop off area with trolleys to transport your camping equipment.

8. We have mains water on site, which isn’t recommended for drinking and the showers have hot water.

9. If you decide to bring some drinks, please only bring plastic bottles and cans. As you can imagine glass can be a real pain literally.

10. Our sound system is a high-quality Funktion One Audio system provided by Audiofeed. The hire package includes amps, x4 full range Martin Audio speakers, iPod and desk connection cable, a light and a DJ monitor speaker, also a table to put the decks etc on. You will need to bring your own mixer and decks and cables.  (We do not allow or want any other sound systems on site). IF YOU’RE HAVING BANDS YOU WILL REQUIRE THE ADDITIONAL BAND PACKAGE.

10a. If you are having live bands playing we ask if and where possible, that the drum kits are not mic’d up. Partyfield & Moonacre is a relatively small, intimate venue, and as the drum kits are usually the loudest instrument in a band, we have found that doing this helps considerably, and is not detrimental to the performance. Please discuss this point with your bands, and also that we use in ear monitors (included in the bands package). You must also hire our sound engineer just for the live sets. WE ONLY ALLOW BACKGROUND MUSIC ON SUNDAYS, THIS IS TO MAKE SURE YOUR GUESTS DON’T CARRY ON PARTYING, AND THEY PACK UP AND LEAVE IN A FIT STATE FOR THEIR JOURNEY HOME. THE SAFETY OF OUR GUESTS IS IMPORTANT TO US. 


11. We have public liability cover, but do not have insurance if for some unforeseen circumstance the event has to be cancelled by yourselves.

13. There is a strict no music policy on Sundays apart from background low level music and everyone must be off site by 11am Sunday.

14. It is not possible to remove all the sides of the main marquee due to the sound insulation. We do however have a large section that during the day and up until 7pm that can be folded up into a porch so you can open up the marquee and see the bands & Dj’s playing if you’re having music. This is reinstated at 7pm by the stewards. The marquee is lined with acoustic absorbing material which helps contain the sound within the Marquee and allows the levels to be higher than they would without this in place.

16. Partyfield is licensed to hold up to 499 people on our site to have music/live music and to sell Alcohol. We have bar facilities on site and can offer various options if you require them. We can provide our site for larger events over 499 people subject to planning and temporary events notices etc.

17. Partyfield is licensed to have Music and Live music and alcohol being sold on site on Fridays 12am (Midday) until 12pm (Midnight), Music/ Live music and alcohol being sold on site Saturdays 12pm (Midday) until 1am (Midnight). Bank holiday Sundays 12pm (Midday) until 12am (Midnight). Unless your event times fall outside our license, and it has been agreed with Partyfield staff in writing you need a Temporary Events Notice, then you will not need to apply for one.

18. Live amplified music from Bands is only allowed in the day time and up until 7pm Friday and 7pm Saturday, DJ’s till 12am Friday and 1am Saturday. If you want to carry on late into the night.

19. WITH REGRET, We cannot allow haybales onsite this is due to our fire risk assessment that was independently carried out by the local authority.

20. Parking. We have two large car parks plus an overflow carpark holding approximately 250 cars. We do not allow cars on the main site for insurance and safety reasons etc. We have sack trucks for our guests to move their equipment to the spot they want to camp on. We only allow crew and sleeping vehicles onto the main site.

21. Please bring antihistamine cream, plasters, and a torch. Like most rural locations we do have deer and in turn there are ticks, Please ask your guests to bring Deet or essential oils which are repellants for ticks and mosquitos etc.

22. We have spent years picking some great people to work with on our site, providing you with everything you need to make an amazing event. They not only know our site, but we trust what they provide you with and know them to be reliable and carry insurance etc.

23. To keep in line with our suppliers hire prices, increased costs and inflation etc, we adjust our prices each year. Please be aware that the prices for future years are subject to an increase.

24. If you have Buses or coaches bringing clients or guests, we have a dedicated  area for drivers to park and stay overnight in.

26. Guests bringing BBQ’s. We try very hard to keep the site looking good for every group of guests. Please ensure your guests do not put disposable BBQ’s on the grass as that will burn patches. Please use BBQ bricks provided.

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